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In conjunction with the first-ever NTS Live from Jakarta (which you can attend with a limited RSVP through the link on our bio), we’ll be throwing an afterparty called #LiftOff on the same date (June 30) and at the same place (Hotel Monopoli)

With performances from the China-based Frau & PCJ (China Social Club/NTS), Danger Dope, Munir, Batavia Strut, Irama Nusantara (David Tarigan), Dea Barandana, Aditya Permana, Offset Soundsystem, Belda, and Dita.

Prior to the show, there will be AOR (Aliansi Online Radio) talks where we gather national online radios to discuss various topics regarding their industry. You can see the topics of the talks by swiping this post. The talks will start at 1 PM.

It’s going to be massive. We’re so excited about this one, and hopefully you are too.

Photos by Karim Risyad